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Get the job you love: accept 12-week challenge to learn to code in the most in-demand programming languages.

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Practical experience only

Learn and gain work experience as you work on real-life projects using the infrastructure and processes of a real IT company. Showcase your talent and stand out to employers — everything you need to land the job.


We start with HTML5 and CSS3 to make your application responsive. Improve UX by animating with jQuery and 3rd party libraries.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery


Skill up your JavaScript with Node.js — the largest ecosystem of open source libraries. Enjoy object-oriented programming using the leading PHP framework to create web applications with Symfony.

Node.js, PHP, Symfony


Experience relational and document-oriented databases as well as in-memory data structure store.

MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Amazon Cloud

Get more as you work with Amazon Cloud to make applications scalable and fault-tolerant.

EC2, RDS, S3, Auto scale

Internet of Things

The IoT is bringing us incredible emerging technology. You'll have fun interacting with physical objects through API.

IoT fundamentals

Agile and Design Thinking

Scrum and Design Thinking are an integral part of our courses, as well as a widely used way to develop software.

Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum

What will life be like after the course?

Work in IT companies

Start as a lifelong learner in a rewarding career:
become a junior web developer.

Run a start-up

Unleash your inner entrepreneur:
apply what you learned to launch your start-up.

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You get a personal career manager whose job is to get you employed. You will be rigorously prepared through mock interviews, resume design, and a portfolio you will be proud to show off.

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