Learn by experience
of a true tech
company in 12 weeks.

Digital Unicorn is a next-generation coding bootcamp, helping you get your dream job by learning through coding.

Coding — a creative way to solve problems

Regardless of your experience, our course equips you with the right skills to run a startup or get a job as a junior developer.

Over 12 weeks, you will complete real projects in a team mentored by industry experts.

You will be armed with practical experience, a portfolio, and the skills to showcase your talent and stand out to employers — everything you need to land the job.

and Design Thinking

An integral part of our courses.

Design Thinking

It is not a panacea, but it is a life saver that will help you solve problems with confidence.

This kind of optimism will come in handy when you're working hard.


A widely used fun way to develop software.

Get ready for daily team stand-ups and playing poker. We bet you will follow the agile scrum framework on your first tech job.

Application process

Submit an application form. Get started on the best decision of your life.

One-to-one talk

Congratulations, you are one step closer to your dream. Let's meet and get to know each other.

Online pre-course

Prepare, and you shall succeed. We provide the materials; just complete the prep within 3 weeks and you'll be ready.


Say "see you soon!" to your life while you make the best and most intense commitment of your life. It'll be demanding, hard, and rewarding.

Career support

We aren’t done till you’re employed. Connect with employers and showcase your CV, personality, and personality: get hired!

Further employment

Number 1 in delivering
a true tech company experience

Completed projects
by the end of the course

High productivity
with daily meditation

Contribute to the opensource

Study on a real infrastructure
and environment

are industry experts

Start learning by coding

Our 12-week programme costs £8,000.
We’re offering a 30% discount as a part of our Early Bird programme until 31st of December.

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